19 June 2019 Latest Keystone Symposium

19 Jun 2019 - 13:00


Cheleka Mpande, SATVI researcher features in the latest online Keystone Symposium in which she explains the paper titled “Functional, antigen-specific stem cell memory (TSCM) CD4+ T cells are induced by human M.tuberculosis infection” 


Cheleka Mpande (from Zambia) holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology, and a Bachelor of Science (Medical) Honours degree in Infectious Diseases and Immunology from the University of Cape Town. She is currently pursuing a PhD Degree specialising in Clinical Sciences and Immunology at the University of Cape Town. Her research focus is on Tuberculosis Immunology, particularly on understanding classical T cell memory, activation and functional kinetics during asymptotic Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. She is the Junior Communications Officer for Immunopaedia and helps with loading content on the site.

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