"The amount of knowledge that SATVI personnel have, from the cleaners upwards, is impressive. They know what the aims of SATVI are, what is being done and what the routine is."

Thomas Scriba, Senior Research Officer

Our team


The SATVI Exco currently consists of a director, 3 Principal Investigators, a Field Site manager and COO. The function of this group is to set the strategic direction and ensure that all activities work towards achieving defined strategic objectives. In addition, this group takes decisions about new proposals/grants, high level HR and Finance decisions, as well as all decisions that impact the sustainability of SATVI. Within this group there is more than 4 decades worth of experience in doing lab and clinical trials.

Mark Hatheril

Mark-HatherillTel: +2721 406 7618

Marwou de Kock

marwoudkTel:+2723 346 5400


Zameer Brey

zameer breyTel:+2721 406 6791


Middle Management

SATVI's Middle Management Team consists of a Resource Manager, CV ward Manager, Surveillance Officer, Transport Supervisor, IT Officer, Data Manager, Laboratory Project Manager, Laboratory Manager, Pharmacists and Regulatory Specialist. This team is responsible for the planning, implementation, monitory and operational support functions for all research studies done at SATVI.

They are also responsible for systems development to support study activities and integration between all departments to focus on overall objectives of SATVI.

This is a vibrant team with years of research knowledge and skills and their strength lies in the specialty they bring to the combined team.



The SATVI team is headed by a director.

Director: Professor Mark Hatherill

Mark Hatherill WEB SIZE

Bionote SATVI DIrector Professor Mark Hatherill

Mark HatherillI is Associate Professor and Director of the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI), and a Member of the Institute of Infectious Disease & Molecular Medicine (IDM), based at the University of Cape Town. He trained as a specialist paediatrician in South Africa and in paediatric intensive care in the UK and Australia. He received his Doctoral degree, based on the pathophysiology of paediatric septic shock, from UCT. He has worked in the field of TB vaccine development for 9 years, as investigator on multiple clinical trials of new vaccines and related TB diagnostic studies, drug trials, and epidemiological studies. He leads the SATVI clinical trials team, which has conducted 16 trials of 7 new TB vaccines, involving more than 3,000 infants, children, and adults, at the SATVI research site, which is also accredited to the ACTG Network. He also chairs the TB Vaccine Consortium of South Africa, a group of academics and other stakeholders in TB vaccine development. His primary research interest is the design and implementation of novel TB vaccine clinical trials, particularly proof-of-concept efficacy studies.

Tel: +2721 406 6080


Academic Team

The research outputs of SATVI are the result of the combined efforts of the clinical and laboratory teams. Team members include highly trained academic researchers comprising study clinicians, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, immunologists, vaccinologists,  as well as Masters and PhD and Postdoctoral students.


Laboratory manager

Supporting the SATVI Laboratory Project Manager, the Laboratory Manager performs laboratory procedures and project coordination in support of the scientific goals of the clinical research.


Senior research officers

Senior Research Officers are highly qualified  and experienced in infectious disease and clinical and immunological  vaccine research.  They are responsible for the initiation and development of grant proposals to secure ongoing funding for projects and effect appropriate leadership in terms of the longer-term strategic goals and objectives of  SATVI. Daily responsibilities include oversight of research studies and students.   


Research officers

Research Officers are qualified and  experienced in infectious disease and clinical vaccine research.   They  contribute to and support novel TB vaccine research, and supervise clinical and epidemiological studies. Daily responsibilities include study-related medical decision-making, participant safety, operational direction of the project team, and the integrity, analysis, presentation, and reporting of the study data.

Angelique Luabeya

angeliqueTel: +2721 406 7620


Postdoctoral research fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellows conduct research studies in the fields of epidemiology, infectious diseases, immunology or vaccinology within the context of TB vaccine research.  Daily responsibilities include co-ordinating clinical vaccine trial implementation and delivery of scientific outcomes and reporting study data, as well as  supervising student projects. 

Adam Penn-Nicholson

Adam Penn Nicholson WEB SIZE PICTURE


Elisa Nemes



Tel. +2721 406 6019

Virginie Rozot

Virginie Rozot WEB SIZE


Tel: +27 21 406 6012

Sara Suliman



Tel: +27 21 406 6789


PhD students

Doctoral students conduct novel research studies in the fields of epidemiology, infectious diseases, immunology or vaccinology within the context of TB vaccine research, impacting content of grant applications and protocol development.

One Dintwe


Tel: +2721 406 6019

Munyaradzi Musvosvi



Tel: +27 21 4066949


Samuel Njikan



+2721 406 6079

Richard Baguma

Richard Baguma


Tel: +27 21 406 6839


MSc students

Masters students work on selected research studies,providing valuable knowledge, in the fields of epidemiology, infectious diseases, immunology or vaccinology within the context of TB vaccine research.

Cheleka Mpande


Tel: +27 21 406 6072



Support Team

SATVI’s academic research team is supported by highly skilled operations,  administration, communications, regulatory affairs, information technology, data management and statistics, professional development and quality assurance teams.

The Support teams work closely with the various studies but function independently from study staff. They comprise of dedicated professionals who are specialists in their areas in addition to being well versed and knowledgeable in international and national clinical research regulations and guidelines.


Operations & Administration

The Operations and Administrative support team provides a strategic and operational service in directing the financial, business and general administration, information technology and human resource management of SATVI.

Faheema Meyer

faheemah meyerTel: +2721 406 6013

Keshia Trussell

keshia_de_longTel: +2721 406 6839


Quality Assurance

The Clinical Quality Control team ensures that all processes contributing to the performance of a clinical trial are conducted within the structures of the SA GCP; ICH GCP guidelines and other relevant regulations. The main focus of this team is in the clinical domain, with ongoing liaison and co-ordination with the quality management team in the laboratory to ensure the maintenance of an integrated Quality Assurance system within SATVI. 

In addition, the PDP team provides a generic clinical research training service to SATVI staff and other organisations as required.

Julia Noble

Julia_-NobleTel: +2723 346 5400

Regulatory affairs

The Regulatory Affairs team provides a service to the SATVI research community regarding the overall ethical management and other regulatory matters relating to research studies.

Ashley Veldsman (Manager)

Ashley-VeldsmanTel: +2721 406 6991


Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) team is responsible for  the overall management of information, communication and technology within SATVI. This includes the development and maintenance of a robust IT infrastructure and the provision of an efficient IT support service.

Fabio Julies

fabio_julies_senior_it_officerTel: +2723 346 5400


Laboratory Operations & Quality Assurance

The Laboratory Operations and Quality Assurance team are responsible for maintaining the integrity of study goals in relation to clinical laboratory science. The service includes overall management of the laboratory sites and equipment,  clinical laboratory staff, assurance of laboratory results, consultation regarding the implementation of  laboratory procedures pertaining to  clinical vaccine trial and research study outcomes.  This team is also responsible for the establishment and maintenance of  an optimal quality management system for the laboratory.

Nicole Bilek (Lab Manager)

nicole bilekTel: +2721 406 6149


Data and Statistics

The Data and Statistics team are responsible for the management of a clinical research data management system, to ensure the quality of data through up front analysis and modelling, design of a robust data infrastructure, continual monitoring of data and statistical analysis. The team further provides data and statistical training support to SATVI staff.

Fajwa Opperman

Fajwa_-OppermanTel: +2723 346 5400

Tembakazi Daki

Thembakazi_DakiTel: +2723 346 5400


Site Operations and Administration

The Site Operations and Administration support team provides a strategic and operational service to the research sites by directing the development of operational systems, infrastructure development and maintenance, general administration and local stakeholder interactions with the  research site.

Alison September

alison septrmberTel: +2721 406 6012

Sunelza Swarts

Sunelza_SwartsTel: +2723 346 5400 

Elaine Zimri

Elaine_Zimri-ClericalTel: +2723 346 5400 

 Abraham Pretorius

AbrahamPretoriusTel: +2723 346 5400 

Juanita Ferreira


Laboratory Team

The Laboratory Team is responsible for laboratory outcomes of clinical vaccine and research studies according to the research design and protocol.  The team consists of technologists located both at the study site (Worcester) and in Cape Town, and is supported by the Laboratory Operations support team headed by the Laboratory Project Manager.




The Technologists are responsible for the performance of laboratory procedures in support of specific clinical vaccine and research studies.

Senior Technologists


Hadn Africa

hadn_africaTel: +2723 346 5400 

Lungisa Nkantsu

lungiTel: +2721 406 6413 


Christiaan Charles Hopley

charles_hopleyTel: +2723 346 5400 

Marcia Steyn

marcia_steynTel: +2723 346 5400 

Asma Toefy

Asma_toefy1Tel: +2721 406 6413 

Ncesh Xoyana

lab1Tel: +2721 406 6413


Senior scientific officers

Senior Scientific Officers support Senior Research Officers in consultation with the Laboratory Director regarding the reportage and technical work as required for relevant SATVI research projects.

Erica Smit

Erica_SmithTel: +2721 406 6839


Laboratory Assistant

The Laboratory Assistant is responsible for the  maintainance of the laboratory facilities and support of laboratory staff as required. 

Feisal Davids

FeisalDavidsTel: +2721 406 6019

Field Team

The SATVI Field Team is responsible for the implementation of research studies according to the research design and protocol. The team consists of a broad range of staff, including Pharmacists, Co-ordinators, Research Nurses, Clinical Research Workers, Surveillance Administrators and Project  Secretaries.




SATVI Pharmacists are responsible for the co-ordination of all aspects of drug keeping for participants enrolled in clinical trials, ensuring compliance with Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)  They are also responsible for  counseling participants regarding trial medication, monitoring compliance and adverse effects, as well as  liaising with clinical staff regarding participant care.



The Co-ordinators are responsible for all on-site project co-ordination activities associated with the efficient collection of data.

Project Co-ordinators

Study Co-ordinators

Michelle van Rooyen

Linda van der Merwe

Linda_van-der-MerweTel: +2723 342 0004

Area Co-ordinators


Project senior secretaries

Project Senior Secretaries are responsible for project specific administration.


Research nurses

Research Nurses are responsible for the recruitment, clinical care and management of the trial participants, through the application of nursing skills. 

Research Professional Nurses

Veronica Baartman

VeronicaBaartmanTel: +2723 346 5400

Liticia Swanepoel

liticiaTel: +2723 346 5400

Mariana Mullins

Mariana__MullinsTel: +2723 346 5400

Research Enrolled Nurses

Helen Veldtsman

HelenVeldtsmanTel:+2723 346 5400 

Sonia Stryers

SoniaStryersTel: +2723 346 5400

Anne Swarts

anne_swartsTel: +2723 346 5400

Raida Onrust

raida_onrustTel: +2723 346 5400

Research Nursing Assistants


Surveillance Officer and administrators

The Surveillance team  is responsible for the  surveillance of the clinical trial outcomes, through active record searches, retrieval and data reporting.

Amaryl van Schalkwyk


Clinical Research Workers

Clinical Research Workers are responsible for the recruitment, follow-up and retention of trial participants.   

Eunice Sinandile

Eunice_SinandileTel: +2723 346 5400 

Xoliswa Kelepe

xoliswa_kelepuTel: +2723 346 5400 

Samentra Braaf

SamentraBraaffTel: +2723 346 5400

Elizabeth Swarts

elizabeth_swartz_crwTel: +2723 346 5400

Gail Jacobs

Gail_JacobsTel: +2723 346 5400

Lorraine Coetzee

lorraine_coetzeeTel: +2723 346 5400 

Nondumiso Khomba

gloriaTel: +2723 346 5400

Charmaine Abrahams

charmaine_AbrahamsTel: +2723 346 5400