"Now is the time to take part in fighting TB, so don't wait for a friend, father, sister or brother or neighbour to die because of TB. Come and support SATVI in finding a new TB vaccine, NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO GET INVOLVED."
Community Advisory Board Chairperson Mr Bosch Willemse


SATVI is involved in a number of advocacy activities in collaboration with our partners. We are a member of the StopTB Partnership, an international TB advocacy network based at the World Health Organisation. SATVI is also a member of the StopTB Partnership's Task Group on TB Vaccine Research . Projects we have collaborated on include providing local SATVI content for the 'Stories from the field' campaign and the Craig David ambassador campaign, which have been used by SATVI and its partners in their advocacy.

Poster and pamphlets:

At the end of February 2010, SATVI was involved in StopTB Partnership activities which saw TB ambassador, Craig David, interacting with local school learners and TB vaccine researchers in Cape Town. SATVI arranged for him to visit two high schools in Cape Town and visit its research laboratory at the University of Cape Town, where he spoke to TB vaccine researchers and learners. A similar programme was arranged by the Desmond Tutu TB Centre of Stellenbosch University. These interactions were filmed and packaged in a video-clip series for use in various multi-media contexts, such as on social networks youtube, facebook, and twitter, as well as for television networks.

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