"The first GCP course I did via the Siyantinga PDP  ignited a passion for clinical research. Subsequent courses have enhanced my career and inspired me to do things I never dreamed possible. I am acutely aware that I am part of something great and am so proud to be able to contribute to groundbreaking research."

Julia Noble, Quality Control Officer.

She recently celebrated her 10th anniversary with SATVI. Julia has grown her skills from being first employed as a Phlebotomy Assistant, then Surveillance Clerk,  CV Ward Assistant, and then Data Administrator prior to her current position.

Annual vaccinology course


The annual African Vaccinology Course is hosted by the Vaccines for Africa Initiative (VACFA), based at UCT's Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IIDMM). The course, attended annually by about 80 participants from all over Africa, aims to build capacity amongst Africans in various disciplines associated with vaccinology.

Participants range from EPI managers, medical doctors, nurses, public health practitioners, academics, and scientists who work in the field of vaccinology from mostly countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The course has previously been conducted in Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa, and focuses on vaccine development, immunology, microbiology, clinical trials, safety, ethics, advocacy, economics, evidence-based medicine and immunisation delivery.

The course is made possible through funding from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Sanofi Pasteur and Pfizer Laboratories.